I was having lunch yesterday with some friends visiting from Los Angeles and we got into this great discussion about how our culture influences our posture towards healing. Shame, fear, pride, controlling our image, and many other issues erect barriers that prevent us from living out of our true selves.

Well, I got a glimpse today of how my culture shaped my view of women for many years. I love to grab lunch at a local taqueria that has the best “Super Quesadilla Carnitas.” It also has a free chips & salsa bar with the best green sauce in the world! And it is FREE!

Whilst grubbing on that oh so good food there is a large TV screen that is hard to not notice. Unfortunately they usually have the local Latino variety show on and most if not all the women are scantily clad for your viewing pleasure. Jumping, jiggling, prancing, dancing, all for your brain to capture and download at a later time. I know it all seems so innocent and is done for laughs but I’m sure for young boys and girls it births a view of sexuality that is somewhat skewed. It sure did in me.

With disgust, and it has taken me many years to look at women “in God’s image” and know that I am not completely free in this area, I realize this is why my culture (and others) treats women like sexual objects.

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