Time heals all wounds, or does it? Time doesn’t heal it’s what you DO with the time that does. The belief that we some how should just sit back and believe that time will take away the pain of our past wounds, neglect, fears, anger, guilt or trauma is an interesting concept but I have found that it does not work. The belief that it will all fade away and we’ll be fine is nonsense.

In order for something to happen we have to take the initiative. This was the case with the grief from my childhood. I had to admit that it was there and then begin to download that in safe environments surrounded by caring others. The same was true of all my anger, hatred and resentment towards my stepfather that had gotten stored away within for years. These downloads eventually enabled me to forgive him.

So many people in this valley live busy lives distracting themselves from what they know lives within them. They are trying to outrun their pain, anger, grief, anxiety, etc. Our frantic behaviors can only find peace in the loving arms of Christ. As we choose to go the way of the cross we find ease for our grief, pain, anger and bitterness.