For those of you that are local, we are gathering yet again to worship. Sunday, October 6th at 6PM / Crosswalk Community Church, 445 S. Mary Ave. Sunnyvale, 94086. The Healing Path Ministries along with the Crosswalk worship band will lead us (inspired by the Holy Spirit) hopefully into His wonderful presence.

Sometimes we are just too busy to get in touch with what is really going on in us below the surface. We are too busy to enjoy relationship with God and with others. This creates a vacuum in the soul. Healing comes when we slow down enough to take some time to worship God. To give our love and adoration to Him for His kindness, mercy and love. The night is really about us deepening our devotion and having our eyes and hearts filled with the beauty and awe of His life giving Presence.

Come join us and let the Spirit saturate you with His love. As I shared with you last month, Crosswalk has one of the best worship teams I have had the pleasure to work with so we will spend time opening our hearts to God’s presence and then I will briefly talk about “awakened hearts” that hopefully leads into an extended time of prayer ministry.

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