Two weeks ago I prayed with some of the worship team that led at our Sunday Night of Worship. Someone mentioned the word “Oasis” and God wanting to create that kind of atmosphere for our time together. Naturally I looked up the definition and here is what it says, “A fertile spot in a desert, where water is found. Something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.” That is how I would describe Sunday night for you. Just amazing what happens when the glory of God is present and willing hearts press into His cross. There was a song we sang, “Mention of Your Name,” that broke something in us and allowed our hearts to worship in a greater fullness. Please have a listen and internalize the words.

Mention of Your Name – Brian & Jenn Johnson

I’d like to share with you an email I received from someone that attended that night.

I sat in the parking lot of Crosswalk Community Church, debating driving home as my hands wrung the leather off my steering wheel. It’s a tough thing to enter a place of worship when spiritually dry. That spiritual exhaustion extended to my mentality: I dreaded the obligated small talk that precedes services. It was with a sigh that I realized these conditions made it necessary to speak with God, so I climbed out of the car with a grumble.

We sang along with Crosswalk’s wonderful worship team to Jehovah Rapha, God the Healer, who became the Son of Man: “I lean not on my own understanding, / My life is in the hands of the maker of heaven / I give it all to you God / Trusting that you’ll make something beautiful out of me.”

Pastor David Alvarez stood to speak of two pursuers of Jesus (Mark 5:21-43): Jairus the synagogue leader and an unnamed woman who bled for 12 years. Jairus, a highly influential man, asked in faith for and received the resurrection of his daughter. The unnamed woman touched his cloak to end the bleeding, and her faith healed her. As David spoke, I looked around the room at those surrounding me; those who have been shattered against the grindstone of this broken world. In healing spaces like these, one sees not only the brokenness of others — which makes them easier to love — but also their strength. I looked around and saw the unnamed woman’s boldness and Jairus’ humility.

David invited us to “have the audacity” to line up, arms stretched out, for anointing to help us heal from our brokenness. It was then that I saw the healing faith shared by both the woman and Jairus, and the grace of Christ. One by one, David prayed over Jesus’ flock. One by one, we fell to the ground, leaning into His yoke with hands shaking and voices begging in faith for healing. We bowed to the One who knows our pains… and reaches down to pull us to our feet.

Spirit surging, I shared a tearful prayer with a friend, and then between God and me during my hour-drive home — my spiritual exhaustion but a memory. Often, the path to healing is to get out of the car and into God’s sanctuary. It is there that we find His hospital, among the others who are sick.

I have to share with you one brief story that came about during the time of prayer and anointing. A woman that I had never met came forward and I raised my hand to anoint her and I felt a burst of power come upon me. I exclaimed, “whoa!” And she opened her eyes and said, what? I told her that there are times where the Spirit comes with a burst of energy and that is a good thing. She smiled. That hasn’t happened in a long time but I was glad for her.

Thank you Crosswalk Community Church and your AWESOME worship team, and thank you supporters of The Healing Path Ministries that make it possible to hold events like these.

Remember, we don’t worship the gifts, we worship the Giver of those gifts. Our next Night of Worship will be in early October. Once I nail down the date I’ll let you know.

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