This past year has been filled with joy, gratitude, breakthrough and frustration. No one said it would be easy.

The ministry of hope and healing that God has called me to sow is not as well received as I’d hoped when we began five years ago. Yes, the need is obvious but the fear that comes with actually embracing hope and healing is a stumbling block for many. So many lives are driven by fears and those fears drive peoples behaviors. Add to this the deception that our enemy the devil brings and we begin to understand the fight we have entered into. It could be easy to lose trust in these frustrating times, but I am aware that the ministry my team and I bring is never wasted. What we bring matters. Our witness to Jesus and His healing presence matters. The work He began so long ago, continues today through The Healing Path Ministries. Such work only lasts because of people like you who support it. Your generosity is humbling to us and we are thankful for you.

I am delighted to inform you that I’ve had discussions with Westgate Church about The Healing Path 1.0 taking place some time in the second quarter of the new year.

And, The Healing Path 2.0 begins Monday, February 3rd and ends Monday, April 6th. It is a deeper curriculum that we hope can take you further on the healing journey you’ve pursued these many years. Here are some of the topics we will cover: Despair, Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Reckoning with Our Hearts, Protective Strategies, Unhealthy Yokes and Greater Self-Awareness.

We will meet at The River Church Community from 7PM-9PM. Please fill out the application and send to us no later than Wednesday, January 15th 2020. Tuition for the class is $200.00. Please go to our website ( for the application. Contact me if you have questions about the class at

I know you receive many requests for your support but I’d like to ask you to consider giving to The Healing Path Ministries so that we may continue to touch others with the healing power and presence of Jesus.

Thank you all for you prayers, words of encouragement and support.

With great affection,
David Alvarez

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