We’ve just completed another round of our eleven week healing class here at The River Church Community. On our last night we hear from some of the participants powerful stories of healing during their time in The Healing Path. As we rejoiced, wept, and laughed that night I wondered what were the obstacles that kept some from enjoying this kind of healing.

Right away I thought about my own shame, fear and pride that kept me hidden for so many years. All of the aforementioned were rooted in my ego and its preoccupation with presenting a false self that was likable and acceptable. I realize what I was doing was attempting to control my environment through deception. Obviously I had yet to grasp that the “truth does indeed set you free.”

In my case I needed truth spoken to me to help me overcome my deep fears and insecurities. Someone to look me in the eye and tell me that it was okay to share honestly what I believed. Someone to reassure me that they would still love me no matter how dark and ugly my inner thoughts were. My transformation began when I chose to stop listening to the fearful voices within me and begin a process of openly sharing and deep listening to God and to whole enough others. The promise of God that He would never leave me nor forsake me began to be slowly chiseled onto the tablet of my heart as I poured out my pain, sin and grief. The deeper I went the greater my assurance in His promise grew.

Let go of that ego that moves quickly to hide and cover up.

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