“Father” is such a powerful word. For some it brings fond memories of care, love and kindness. For others, disappointment, indifference, frustration, pain, anger, and even rage. Our hope is to help men and women identify the wound that needs healing and to help you face your pain and hurt so God the Father can repair the damage done to you.

This conference will be led by Pastor David Alvarez who has spoken nationally and internationally about the healing of the father wound. He understands the wound, its effects and the Father’s desire to restore to each one the “spirit of adoption” that allows us to learn how to be sons and daughters of a loving Father.

Date & Times: February 19-20
February 19, 7-9PM
February 20, 9-1PM

Location: The River Church Community
670 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

Donations of $25 are requested.

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